Monday, December 30, 2019

Expository Essays Unwind By Neal Shusterman - 1437 Words

When you think of unwinding, you probably imagine yourself sun tanning and drinking a martini on the beach. You probably see all of your worries disappear and paradise is very nearly near. In the breathtaking novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman, the teens of the world feel anything but relieved when they hear the word. Instead, they envision a world in which they no longer exist. At least, not in the way they used to. Unwind is a novel set in a dystopian society in a future time period, suffering the after effects of the Hartland War. The war was between the Pro-life and Pro-choice sides of society. A compromise was reached post war; it was called unwinding. Unwinding allowed teens to be harvested for all of their body parts. This novel tells the tale of three main teens who are to be sacrificed for unwinding. Risa, Connor and Lev struggle to stay out of sight until their 18th year when they will be considered free citizens. In Unwind, the story makes one question why a society would eve n consider something as radical and inhumane as unwinding. From it, we can connect to times in our own history when we made less than ideal compromises and evaluate the concept of unwinding as a whole. Unwinding seemed to me, in a word, disgusting, and that is exactly what it was. Evaluating such a crime was not hard to do. In fact, while reading this novel I found myself rather angry at the government of these people. I despised them for even thinking up such a thing as horrendous as to delete a

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